Our Mission

To provide our readers with the best and latest Call of Duty News, videos & rumours and more as and when published from around the web. Most of our articles are collected via RSS and linked directly to the websites that supply the content.

So whats the purpose of CallofDuty.news?

We collect and display articles, videos & tweets from dozens of different sources. If you want your website featured why not check out this page.

I can just go directly to my favourite CallofDuty news blog, so what's the point?

True, you can, but will they have the latest news, videos and leaks? probably not, that’s why we collect from dozens of different websites/apps/accounts so you can get all the news in one place!

I know a cool Call of Duty site, can you possibly add it?

Sure, as long as the website has got good written quality articles and doesn’t have intrusive adverts I don’t see why not? Contact Us if you find one.