Modern Warfare players report Warzone Season 4 update broke FiNN LMG again

Another bug has been brought up by Modern Warfare players that has affected the FiNN LMG, with some complaints calling the weapon broken.

Modern Warfare has been affected by various issues as of late, with players complaining about not being able to play online and wall glitches and various other bugs entering the game after Warzone updates.

After the recent Warzone Season 4 updates, players have noticed a very odd bug with the FiNN LMG, leaving it pretty much unusable.

Modern Warfare FiNN LMG bug

Reddit user jnape33 took to the official Modern Warfare subreddit and reported the bug that consists of the player’s character holding the LMG in a way that does not allow you to aim properly, as it blocks your view, saying:

“What happened to this gun?? I started playing this game again today after a couple of months of break and I realized you can’t even see what your aiming at, even when I press the aim button (L2)”

The player also posted an image of the issue he was having, which shows the FiNN taking up the whole middle of the screen, preventing the player from seeing what is in front of them.

The FiNN is a great, fun weapon to use in Warzone, especially with the Chainsaw attachment, so it is not surprising to see members of the game’s community upset at the fact that the weapon is not working properly.

However, this isn’t the first time as other community members commented how this chainsaw attachment was also previously broken in the game’s lifecycle.

Hopefully, Raven can fix this as soon as possible and allow players to enjoy the extremely unique LMG and chainsaw attachment once again. We will update this piece with any further information regarding this issue when it is made available.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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