Warzone Season 4 gameplay trailer teases addition of new Cold War vehicle

The Call of Duty community was treated with various teases for upcoming content in the Warzone Season 4 gameplay trailer. One is what looks to the arrival of a popular Black Ops Cold War vehicle.

There is plenty of excitement currently circulating in the Call of Duty: Warzone community, thanks to the release of the Season 4 gameplay trailer on June 10, 2021.

This gameplay trailer gave players a first look at some new content arriving in the Call of Duty battle royale in Season 4. Some of this teased content included a new Point of Interest, a new Gulag, and what looked to be the addition of a fan-favorite vehicle from the world of Black Ops Cold War.

The Black Ops Cold War vehicle that the Warzone Season 4 gameplay trailer teases is the motorcycle that players have been able to traverse the Cold War world with.

Two different scenes in the gameplay trailer showed off two different Operators riding motorcycles across Verdansk ’84. The first scene depicts the red masked character who looks to be the main Operator for Season 4 in the same way that Naga was for Season 3 riding a motorcycle.

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Motorcycle

The second scene shows off a random Operator riding a motorcycle in an intense combat situation that will undoubtedly be the same experience many players have when they jump into the action of Warzone Season 4.

The Call of Duty battle royale vehicles have not changed a great deal since the game was released besides a few updates and in no has it been as major as the addition of a completely new vehicle.

There is sure to be plenty of excitement from players when they can show off their driving skills with the motorcycle in Season 4.

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Image Credits: Activision

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