Warzone player turns Big Bertha truck against its driver in hilarious fashion

One Warzone player faced off against a Big Bertha truck and was able to outsmart its driver and use the hulking vehicle to score a hilarious elimination.

Call of Duty: Warzone has an array of different vehicles players can use to make their way around Verdansk ’84 quickly or to eliminate enemies by running them over. The Big Bertha truck is the most notorious for players using it to run over enemies, especially in solo matches where players like Dr Disrespect have called for them to be removed from the game mode.

The Big Bertha trucks have no trouble wreaking havoc in game modes with more players than solos, but one player was able to save his teammate from the wrath of one of these might trucks and turn the tables on their enemy in a comical manner.

Community member wafflejog posted a video to the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit showing a situation where his teammate had been knocked down with a Big Bertha Truck coming in towards them to finish them off.

Thinking quickly, the player got into another vehicle and drove in front of his downed teammate to stop the truck from running their teammate over and finishing the elimination.

After a few seconds of crashing into each other, the truck driver jumped out of the truck and began to fire at the player.

However, wafflejog jumped out of their car and hijacked the enemy player’s truck, and proceeded to run them over with their very own vehicle in a hilarious instance of karma.

The clip has been upvoted almost 1,000 times. It is likely due to most of the Warzone community having bad memories of getting run over by a truck in Warzone and being happy to see a player using this frowned upon strategy get a dose of their own medicine.

There is no doubt that player will think twice before trying to use a truck to take down enemy players again or at least try to utilize the truck a tad more effectively than in the clip above.

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Image Credits: Activision

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