Cold War players call for fix to “broken” Napalm Strike scorestreak

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Napalm Strike is currently bugged and broken as the popular Scorestreak is consistently missing its intended target in Season 3.

Depending on what your Scorestreak loadout is, earning them can be tough for some players. Whether you’re someone who is happy at securing a H.A.R.P or go one further and want a Gunship, Scorestreaks are fun to use and can drastically change the flow of a game of CoD.

The Napalm Strike is a very popular one to use as its score requirement of 2,500 is extremely achievable, and it can have a profound effect on a large radius. Yet, players are being shortchanged as the Scorestreak is currently bugged and is misfiring all over Black Ops Cold War’s maps.

On the Official Black Ops Cold War subreddit, Noodlenigel009 has been complaining about the erratic nature of the Napalm Strike Scorestreak at present.

Ordinarily, when a player earns the Napalm Strike, they are prompted to select a landing strip on the map that will be engulfed in lethal napalm.

A plane will then shower the selected area in napalm, pretty much killing anyone that happens to be caught in the way. Furthermore, the napalm remains for a few seconds after landing and can always catch out the odd player afterward.

Whereas when Noodlenigel009 showed the Scorestreak in action on Diesel, the napalm is clearly not dumping napalm on the designated stretch of land.

Using the game’s theater mode, the player is able to see that the Napalm Strike is barely even reaching the map, if at all, despite clearly selecting an area inside of it.

It’s clearly a bug or glitch that has crept in since the start of Season 3, and probably just needs a minor tweak in order to correct.

Image credits: Treyarch

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