Call of Duty: Mobile season 3 patch notes: New maps, Sticks and Stones mode, PP19 Bizon, and more

Call of Duty: Mobile’s season three update is almost here. The third season will introduce two new maps, the Sticks and Stones mode, PP19 Bizon, Renetti, and more to the game.

Today, the Garena version of the game released the official patch notes for the season three content update called Tokyo Escape.

Here are the patch notes for CODM’s season three update.

Season 3 Battle Pass

The third season will officially kick off with the new battle pass on April 16 at 7pm CT.

Image via Activision

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • New Epic Blueprints: PP19 Bizon – Yokai, QXR – Scorching Sun, Type 25 – Oni, ASM10 – Scabbard and RUS-79U – Karuta.
  • New Epic Soldiers: Hidora Kai – The Boss, Zero – Escape, Spectre – Ninja, Takeo – Sensei.
  • New Legendary Calling Card: Showdown.

New Free Battle Pass Rewards

New base weapon: PP19 Bizon

  • The latest SMG to arrive into CODM is the PP19 Bizon. It has a high rate of fire and low recoil.
  • The weapon excels in short range with its high rate of fire and ability to three-shot kill.

New Operator Skill: Bull Charge

  • Players will be equipped with a full body shield on using this operator skill.
  • The shield can be used to charge forward and take down enemies.

New Events Rewards

Players can get the new handgun, Renetti and the new perk, Overclock for free through upcoming seasonal challenges in CODM. These challenges will be released later into season three.

New base weapon: Renetti

  • The Renetti is a powerful handgun which fires three round bursts.

New Perk: Overclock

  • This perk increases the charging speed of an Operator Skill.


New Map


Image via Activision
  • It is set in a hotel within a Middle Eastern desert.
  • It is only available for Frontline.


Image via Activision
  • It is set in a scenic coastal town.
  • Coastal is a large map consisting of wine cellars, shops, and fountain squares.
  • It is available for the Search and Destroy mode.

New Featured Game Modes

Swords & Stones mode

  • A melee-only mode with a rage buff.
  • Even without a melee weapon in the loadout, the Hachi will be available to you.
  • It will be available on Crash, Standoff, Kilhouse, and other maps.

Battle Royale

New Class: Spotter

  • (Active) Cluster Strike – Launch a cluster air strike to a designated area.
  • (Passive) Fly Swatter – Shows nearby winged enemies and increases the reload speed of the rocket launcher.

Improvements and Optimizations


  • Slightly increased Napalm’s burning range after explosion. Speed up the plane and speed…

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