Best weapons in Apex Legends Ranked Season 8

Finding and picking up the best weapons in Apex Legends Ranked Leagues, especially in the current Season 8 meta, plays an ever-important role in taking you and your team to the top.

Apex Legends’ Ranked playlist can prove to be a tough grind and change of pace compared to the standard mode; especially for newcomers. Even if you’re an experienced player grinding the higher ranks, Apex can always offer you a challenge.

As with other battle royales, it is also important in Apex to abide by the meta and use the weapons that are being used by the best, especially in Ranked.


The R-301 is easily the most versatile and reliable weapon in the game. If you’re someone who wants a gun that can perform at any range, the R-301 is for you.

This weapon is especially good for Ranked, as it can be used in a variety of ways depending on what your secondary weapon is. Say you have a longer-ranged sniper, the R-301 is great at short to mid-range fights. What about if you’re running a shotgun? The R-301 can also be deadly at range, especially with a 3x scope and the Anvil Receiver hop-up.

The only downside the R-301 has is if you don’t have an extended light magazine to go with it, as the fire rate and base mag size of 18 bullets will leave you reloading constantly. Even still, it is worth holding onto until you finally find that extended magazine, as once you have it decked out, it is easily the best weapon in Apex Legends Ranked.


Spitfire LMG

The Spitfire is also among the best weapons in Apex Legends Ranked, mostly due to its huge magazine size.

With a base magazine size of 35 bullets, even without an extended magazine, the spitfire will shoot for days. After the most recent patch, the Spitfire was increased from 18 to 19 damage per bullet. Although this doesn’t seem like a massive difference, it has greatly increased the viability of this weapon and earned it a spot among the best weapons in Apex.

As well as its magazine size, the Spitfire is also a great tool for suppression at longer ranges. With easy to control recoil and the ability to add the longer-ranged scopes, such as the 3x, the Spitfire can output massive amounts of damage from longer ranges.

Although it isn’t the best at close range and you will get caught out by shotguns and SMG’s like the Volt…

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