Top 5 tips to dominate Miami Strike in Black Ops Cold War

After Miami received mixed feedback, Treyarch went back to the drawing board and completely reworked the map into Miami Strike. Here are our best tips to serve you well in the game’s remixed version.

The Season 2 Reloaded update shook things up in CoD: Cold War by switching up the meta and making the KSP 45 and Milano 821 absolute beasts. It also added cool new Bundles, will introduce a deadly new Sniper Rifle, and of course – welcomed Miami Strike.

Miami was an interesting map that tried to capture the feel of the 1980s. Whilst it does that to an extent, it suffers from extreme visibility issues, it’s far too big for 6v6, and it’s too open. It wasn’t to our tastes and even took the bottom spot on our ranking and tier list of all the Black Ops Cold War maps.

Miami Strike has fixed a lot of these issues and is now a greatly competitive map. Here are our best tips to dominate this map.

1. Use all the new Miami Strike vehicles

To make the area a lot more closed and compacted, a large number of vehicles have been added to the environment to provide cover and flanking opportunities

Make sure you make constant use of these to either get the jump on unsuspecting opponents or to give you a few seconds of respite to reload, etc.

2. The corners

Not only does Miami Strike feel very boxed in, it basically feels like a box in general. It has 4 distinct corners that players can use to their advantage.

A couple of them are perfect for ambushing players charging around corners, and a couple also offers you two or three different entry points into the heart of the map.

3. All-out SMG run-and-gun Cold War loadout

cod cold war bullfrog smg

It goes without saying that a small, interconnected map like this screams out for fast-paced SMG classes with little regard for one’s self.

A well-thought-out Bullfrog or Streetsweeper class could easily get you some big kill numbers. A large emphasis on mobility and fast-firing weapons that obliterate foes at close range are big keys to success in Miami Strike.

4. Close down the spawns by using diagonals

Similar to how a map like Nuketown will see its spawns flip constantly, Miami Strike has a big tendency to do the same thing.

You can…

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