How to make custom Blueprints with Cold War’s Gunsmith Customs

The Gunsmith Customs system is coming to Black Ops Cold War Season 2, so here’s how to create your own custom Blueprints with this fan-favorite feature.

Gunsmith Customs was added to Modern Warfare and Warzone in April 2020, much to fans’ appreciation, and now it’s coming to Cold War. With this feature, you can mix and match all of the Blueprint attachments for a weapon type, creating a brand new weapon Blueprint that’s unique to you.

For example, if you want to build a custom M16, you can combine the barrel from the Constable Blueprint with the magazine from the Western Front and the stock from the Green Machine. You can then save it as a custom Blueprint and name it, and then you can find it amongst all of your other purchased Blueprints.

CoD: Cold War Season 2 custom Blueprints

Following Cold War’s mid-Season 2 update, Treyarch revealed that Gunsmith Customs would be arriving in the game soon, and confirmed in their Weekly Briefing that this feature would arrive in the Week of April 5, alongside new Operator Rivas and the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle.

Making these custom Blueprints is quite simple, so here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Black Ops Cold War
  2. Select the Weapons tab
  3. Choose your weapon
  4. Hover over the attachment you wish to equip
  5. Select the Gunsmith icon beside the attachment
  6. Choose the attachment style from your owned Blueprints
  7. Save and rename your custom Blueprint

Treyarch said you can take your custom Blueprint “into your next match in both Multiplayer and Zombies.” There is no mention of Warzone, so we’ll need to wait until Gunsmith Customs arrive in Cold War to know if battle royale players will also receive this feature for Cold War’s weapons.

If you wish to keep the weapon’s tracer fire or Mastercraft effects, you’ll need to equip that Blueprint as the base before customizing. By doing this, you can keep the blue tracer fire, but use the attachment styles from a completely different weapon, making a weapon that’s entirely personalized to your style.

With more Operator bundles and weapon Blueprints arriving in Cold War in the store and the Season 3 Battle Pass, there will be more and more weapon customization options as the seasons…

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