All Treasure Hunt clue locations in GTA Online

The Treasure Hunt challenge requires you to find twenty different clues hidden across the GTA Online map to receive a gold-plated Double-Action Revolver. Here’s where you should look.

GTA Online’s Treasure Hunt event provides you with a unique opportunity to get yourself an incredibly rare weapon. Rockstar brought in a prize from Red Dead Redemption 2, in the form of a gold-plated Double-Action Revolver.

If you want to win this neat reward, then you’ll have to search for all the clues that are hidden across Los Santos. These are small and spread out over the entire map, which makes them hard to locate. Here’s a closer look at where to find them.

GTA Treasure Hunt clue locations

You can start the hunt by joining a GTA Online session, and waiting for an e-mail with a photo attachment. The image will contain all possible locations where you can find a clue, which is a note written on a piece of paper.

The notes can be found pinned to rocks, under bridges, on tables, and in other places. Since you’ll have to search across the entire map, this will take you a while to complete, and you’ll have to use different means of transport.

However, we’ve decided to make things a bit easier by noting down the location of each clue in Los Santos. You can take a look at these on our map below.

GTA Treasure Hunt clue locations

As you can see, you’ll have to do quite a bit of traveling when searching for these clues. To help make things even quicker, we’ll go over where exactly you should look for the clues when you arrive at each of these locations:

  • Location #1 (Del Perro Pier): On the pillars supporting Del Perro Pier
  • Location #2 (Cassidy Creek): On top of the hill looking over a bridge at Cassidy Creek.
  • Location #3 (Cassidy Creek): On a tree at the river bank close to Cassidy Creek
  • Location #4 (Vinewood Hills): On a Baytree Canyon poster to the north of the Galileo Observatory
  • Location #5 (Pacific Bluff): On one of the tombstones in the Pacific Bluffs graveyard
  • Location #6 (Tongva Hills): Under a bridge by the vineyards at the Tongva Hills area
  • Location #7 (San Chianski Mountain Range): At a small fisherman’s jetty on the far eastern coast of the map
  • Location #8 (Hill Valley Church): On a tombstone in the Hill Valley Church graveyard
  • Location #9 (Tataviam Mountains): Stuck to a rock on the beach just south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  • Location #10 (Alamo Sea Marina): On a rock near the broken boat in the…

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